This Is Why You Love It

Okay, probably not – the pieces of music you love the best have some personal connection to you: the time and place you heard it, the something wonderful that happened that day.

But ASIDE from that, this blog is about the things musicians do that put the best music over the top, that grab you by the lapels and says “Listen to this!”, and then take root in your life for good. The pieces that give you chills, even after listening to them a hundred times.

Sometimes it’s the raw sound, the choices of the instruments and how they’re played. Sometimes it’s recording engineering genius, blending sounds in ways you’ve never heard before. Very often, it’s the passion of the singers.

But it’s also many things that the composers and songwriters do that are the nuts and bolts of music: this pitch here, that chord there, skip a beat **exactly** at that point. Anyone who creates music develops a repertory of special musical features that make their music stand out. Everyone can hear these things, feel their impact. That’s *why* they are in the music, period.

But you can also pin some of them down with careful listening. The things written in this blog will chase down those qualities, explain how they work in terms of melodies, chords, keys and scales, rhythms and beats. For those who know or want to know the Music Theory details, I’ll post those too, “below the fold” if you want to keep reading. If you’ve ever been the least bit curious about why a piece of music moves you, what it’s creator was doing and how they made THAT particular musical choice, I’ll do my best to shine a bright light on it.

So this blog is for music creators and music lovers of all types. Hope you like it.